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People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. (Simon Sinek)

people are the brand

think emotive!

A science based method about things that matter.
Boosting brand appeal and happiness.
A fun and unique tool to measure how those vital to your success feel about your brand.


BEING part of


Who doesn't enjoy working together? To make things better, and make better things. It allows us to get the best out of ourselves. The whole is always bigger than the sum of the parts.


Are you passionate about marketing, branding or people management? Are you a freelance creative or part of a small creative firm? Inspired by emotive thinking and keen to use it in your work?

Find out how emotive branding & 23plusone can boost you, your team and your brand.

Emotive transformation

in 4 PHASEs.

What are the characteristics of your category? Who are the key players? What are the latest trends and developments? When did you start your business, who is involved, what are the milestones and what are your challenges? How do the people important to you, feel about your brand? And what is important to them? 

Answers to the questions above provide us with vital insights. To be inspired and informed. Ready to infuse your brand with meaning. 

What drives your brand? In which areas of the emotional spectrum does your brand touch people? How can we make your brand more relevant? How does your brand stand out from the rest? Is your product and service portfolio well-aligned with your brand’s purpose?

With a series of playful workshops and group-sessions we find answers to the questions above. We develop and formulate a highly appealing narrative for your brand. A powerful emotive framework for future decision-making.


What is the linked meaning between the emotive core and the look and feel of your brand. Are your verbal and visual assets (name, logo, voice) amplifying your brand’s meaning? How do the people that represent your brand behave? Does your brand’s expression make people feel the way you want them to feel? 

With well-structured design processes we navigate towards the verbal and visual identity your brand deserves. And we invite you and your team to craft a set of rituals that bring the true meaning of your brand to life. 

How do we bring your new or revitalised brand identity to life? How do we best motivate the members of your workforce to live up to what your brand stands for? How do we make your customers and prospects part of our story?

The design and implementation of internal activation campaigns is geared towards inspiring you and your employees to live the brand to the fullest. External marketing campaigns are geared towards the increase of brand awareness and talkability.