We boost business performance by developing and activating powerful emotive go-to-market strategies.

A successful go-to-market strategy requires a seamless integration of brand and business strategy. While your brands’ purpose and unique value-mix enable you to position and market your brand in an appealing way, they also help you to define your business objectives and give shape to the way you aim to achieve them.

We are the Brand Station, a South African strategy, design and activation firm. We team-up with businesses to realize meaningful growth, for their brand, and for the people it touches.

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People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek – Motivation Speaker / Marketing Consultant

How we craft brands that matter in 4 steps

Phase 1 > Insights & Inspiration

Guiding you on a journey of emotive transformation requires a good understanding of your business, your brand and your industry at large. What is the history of your business and what are the aspirations? Which products and services do you offer? Who are your customers? What is the size of your organisation and what can you tell us about the culture? What can you share about employee engagement? Who are your competitors? What are the challenges you and your team face?


We find our answers via on- and off-site interviews with management members and workforce representatives. We organise focus-group sessions and team gatherings. And we study your industry at large.


Equipped with in-depth knowledge about your business we seek inspiration by getting to understand how people perceive your brand, now and in their ideal scenario. We use our science-based method 23plusone to program, activate and conduct Insider and Outsider researches among everyone vital to your success; your employees, your customers, partners and investors.


At the end of this phase we present a well documented and illustrated business and brand analysis, providing us with the deep insights we need to improve the image and identity of your brand. If possible, we’ll do so in comparison with other brands in the same category.

Phase 2 > Purpose Creation & Portfolio Strategy

Our understanding of your business and about the way people feel -and like to feel- about your brand, form the ingredients we need to infuse your brand with meaning.


During one or more creative sessions we re-vitalise the values, the cornerstones and the purpose of your brand. We call it the emotive core. This core, and our knowledge about your target audience and your competition, enables us to craft a distinctive positioning statement. And it guides us while capturing your brand’s beliefs in a brand manifesto. This practical pamphlet helps us shape the way your brand behaves and acts, both inside and outside the organisation.


In a follow-up session we take a fresh look at your products and services. We check if your offering serves the purpose. And we come up with ideas for further alignment. In case your brand forms part of a brand family, the relationship between the family members might have changed. We validate and possibly adjust your brand’s architecture in a brand fan workshop. With our business model workshops we aim to further align the key aspects of your business with your brand’s emotive core.


The activities in this second phase of our journey result in a powerful emotive brand strategy. This strategy not only captures the essence of your brand’s existence, it functions as a practical framework for future decision-making.

Phase 3 > Design Implementation

With our verbal, visual and behavioural design work, we amplify the emotive side of your brand. Our starting point is to create a strong linked meaning between your brand’s emotive core and the various forms in which your brand expresses itself.


When you fit your brand with the right name, with a distinctive language and with a suiting tone of voice, you offer powerful tools to the people that act on behalf of your brand. And what about your logo? The colours and symbols you use? The look and feel of your communication channels and tools? Your office and/or store design? And the design of your products and packaging? When done right, the people that interact with your brand, will feel what your brand stands for. Often subconsciously and for many even before having experienced any of your products or services.


As an undervalued yet most valuable form of expression, brand behavior deserves your full attention. With our heartbeat workshop sessions we invite your employees -and if we get a chance, your most loyal customers- to create a set of practical brand rituals. These rituals become the backbone of your brand’s behavior and get your brand to be recognised and to be appreciated even more by those that are vital to your success.

Phase 4 > Internal & External Activation

Now that we have a powerful emotive brand strategy, including all the elements we need to boost your brand’s appeal, we start mapping out internal and external brand activations. Think of developing creative briefs for your advertising agency and below and above the line campaigns that introduce your re-vitalized brand, products and services to your (prospective) customers.


To enhance employee engagement we design and facilitate workshop sessions with your team(s) with the aim to turn the brand rituals into living and breathing brand assets. Overseeing other aspects of brand implementation (think of your brand’s website, packaging design, store & office interior design) allows you to create a strong and coherent brand experience across the board.

What our clients say

If you’re good at what you do and clever about your future, with the Brand Station you will sharpen your brand in a way that can propel you further more successful (equals impactful, meaningful). To move forward exponentially is what you’re looking for.

Marc Zandhuis Founder@CapeTownMagazine.com

the Brand Station helped us gain invaluable insights in brand perception among our employees which on its turn allowed us to take initiatives that helped improve employee engagement.

Sivan Pillay CEO@EndemolShineAfrica

Brands we teamed-up with

What drives us?

We love our ubuntu spirited South Africa and our continent at large. We are amazed by the magic that comes with working for- and leading organisations with a purpose beyond profit. And we are fascinated by the behaviour of human beings and their drive to create positive change. Combining these sentiments with insights about brand evolution in Europe and North America means opportunity. For us it meant the start of our emotive firm in 2013.

Did you know?
- > 80% of the global workforce is disengaged with the brand they work for (of which more than half actively disengaged!).
- People would not care if 7 out of every 10 brands they know would seize to exist tomorrow.
- People have lost trust in authorities and institutions and now trust great ideas, other people and platforms designed to bring great ideas and people together.

Our country and our continent are on the rise. Multinational brands that dominated for long are being disrupted by New Kids on the Block. We can only imagine highly appealing purpose-led (South) African brands on a global stage. As crazy as it all might sound, the idea to be at the forefront of a revolution, it makes our hearts tick faster.

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