Our tools, making complexity simple and making serious fun.


A science based method that measures things that really matter. Connecting happiness with brand preference.

23plusone is the result of a scientific research that proves how positive behaviour is directly linked to levels of  happiness. The way people behave, on its turn relates to how people feel. Use 23plusone™ to (re)define your brand's purpose and how your brand makes people feel.

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Brand Scan

An online tool that engages key stakeholders in brand meaning. Gaining insights to make brands matter more to people.

The Brand Scan consists of the Insider and Outsider; engaging employees and customers in a dialogue about the future of your (and their) brand. How does the brand make them feel? What is important to them and for the future of the brand? What is inspiring and what isn't? 

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Brand Kitchen

A creative process that allows brand leaders to craft authentic and highly appealing brand identities. Think emotive!

The Brand Kitchen is a playful co-creative off-site event. Informed by the Brand Scan results, and together with a team representing your brand, it results in a powerful strategic framework that gives the direction you need to create an appealing and inspiring brand. 

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Brand Fan

An effective tool that visualises current and future brand portfolio and architecture. Creating the best fit for brand growth. 

The Brand Fan allows you to better understand, and if necessary, redefine the relationship between (sub)brands in your portfolio. It's about the levels of 'fit' between various identities. And about ensuring that each brand is in the best position to optimize and sustain growth.

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emotive brands evoke feelings off happiness, inside and outside the organisation.

Let's discover how people feel about your brand.


Although we often think our decision making is based on rationale, think of functional benefits or price, it’s our emotional response that determines in how far we prefer certain brands above others. 

If a brand provides us with feelings of happiness, the likeliness we’ll support this brand is much higher.

In pursuit of happiness we seek to trigger positive emotions and feelings. They are evoked by 24 fundamental human drives that belong to 5 different categories.

When brands are able to trigger positive feelings from all 5 categories, they touch people in the full emotional spectrum.  These are the brands that are most meaningful to us.

  • Ambition
  • Basics
  • Vitality
  • Self-development
  • Atraction

Who doesn't love winning a game or seeing your favourite team or your country win one. And what about achieving set goals, receiving a compliment, making career or buying a first car or house?

Our ambition drives relate to doing well and taking pride in it.

Our world is beautiful yet quite challenging. Think of crossing a busy road in the city centre or the first time you bought something online using your credit card. Or what about leaving your kids in the care of others or being honest with a good friend in the hope the friendship remains.

Our basic drives relate to being able to trust, feel safe and belong.

Ever thought of changing eating habits to loose some weight or simply feel better? Or what about picking up your favourite childhood sport or join your friends on a run to improve your fitness level? 

Our vitality drives relate to feeling fit and healthy. It makes us happier and live longer.

What if we would loose our imagination? Or if we could no more explore, create and be free? How would life be without humor, a good laugh now and then, having fun at work, at home, at a dinner or party?

Our self-development drives relate to living a joyful and relaxed life. It's about keeping the inner child alive. 

Think of different colors, shapes, tastes and textures. And how, in the right combination and context, they can put a smile on your face. A building, a landscape, a sofa or garment. Think about falling in love, or someone flirting or falling in love with you. Think about passion.

Our attraction drives relate to our need for beauty and desire.

Brand Scan


Online brand experience aimed at gaining vital insights in current brand perception and ambitions related to the future of organization and brand(s) among employees. 

With the Insider we improve cognitive and emotional dynamics on individual, work, organisation and brand level. The experience allows us to engage employees in the emotive branding process and maximize active support for the new or revitalised brand.

The result analysis includes (category) benchmarking and gives direction to the development of the new or revitalized brand identity.


The way external stakeholders feel about a brand is vital to its success. With this online brand experience we measure current and desired brand image and perception among (prospective) employees, partners and suppliers.

By inviting them to jointly think about the future, and by valuing their opinion, we inspire each other and strengthen our relationship. 

The Outsider is a unique research- and engagement tool that allows for a meaningful dialogue about needs, desires, expectations and relation between brand and people.

Brand Kitchen

Gone are the days of conventional positioning and strategy development. In the Brand Kitchen we use behavioural science and a mix of innovative models that work best for 21st century brands; bringing co-creation of brand strategy to a whole new level.

From a one day off-site session to multiple sessions, we play, learn and create together to get to the most inspiring results.

We integrate the insights gained through the Insider and Outsider with various other stimuli. We call upon conscious and subconscious intelligence to bring emotional dynamics to the surface and touch both heart and mind. The Brand Kitchen is a fun event full of gaming elements that eliminate undesired influences such as politics, status and position. 

The result is a unique, well informed and fully endorsed Brand Heart. In this model we capture the emotional dynamics and their linked meaning with the brand purpose, brand relations and brand expression.

The Brand Heart is the emotive core of the brand. It functions as a strategic framework that gives direction to everything that needs to be done to create an appealing and inspiring brand. A brand that truly matters to people.

Brand Fan

The Brand Fan is a practical tool that helps visualising current and future brand portfolio and architecture.

During a playful off-site exercise we make complex relationships transparent. It makes portfolio strategy decision-making easy and allows for less efforts to govern brand evolution. The model is based on the dynamic relationship between the level of dominance of (sub)brands, category names and brand propositions. 

This dynamic relationship is important, simply because brand portfolios are never static.

The Brand Fan translates complex portfolio management in a clear and practical instrument for branding and other professionals within the organisation.